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Spreading happiness,
with health!
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The BiteRite Meal Plan is the perfect combination of taste and health, with over 500 variations of balanced meal options for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and In-betweens. BiteRite follows the MyPlate Balanced Nutrition Concept, where we provide a wholesome meal comprising Proteins, Grain, Vegetables, Fruit and Dairy products.

In addition to planning and balancing your meals, we make food that is delicious and from a wide range of cuisines e.g. Indian, Arabic, Continental, Chinese and Thai. Prepared by expert chefs trained in healthy cuisine, our fare is high in Omega3 fatty acids, low in sodium, has a low calorie count, and is gluten and cholesterol free.

The BiteRite experience is unique in its offerings of non-vegetarian and vegetarian options and over 40 mouth-watering desserts that can be enjoyed guilt free. Our meals are screened by nutritionists, endocrinologists and our advisory board.

Following a free Nutrition Consultation, meals are tailor-made to your needs: Weight Management, Muscle Enhancement, Healthy Eating, Pregnancy & Lactation, or any other specific medial requirement. These nutritious, freshly prepared meals are delivered to your doorstep, at home, office or anywhere else, seven days a week at a time convenient to you.

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We are about you

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a social get together or an intimate private event at home, BiteRite is delighted to meet your requirements with our excellent food and hospitality services.

To ensure the best of wholesome cuisine, BiteRite collaborates with health professionals.

We currently cater our nutralicious food to hospitals, corporate houses, government offices and schools across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

A quick bite

At BiteRite we give a lot of thought to your convenience, and our range of Meals on the go ensures that you have fresh, healthy food right when you want it.

You can grab a quick bite from any of our outlets near you or enjoy a nutralicious wholesome meal that completely satisfies your taste buds.

We understand your busy schedule, and invite you to take advantage of this convenient and healthy option; all you have to do is heat and eat!
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Sweet somethings

BiteRite Celebration Cakes are high in Omega3, with low fat dairy and fructose. The lingering feeling is only that of pure indulgence once you’ve had your cake and eaten it too! And for those who want it, we offer egg-free options as well.

BiteRite Sweet Cravings are a treat for your taste buds. Enjoy our delectable and wide variety of pastries, pies, muffins and much more, all absolutely guilt free.
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