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Frequently Asked Questions
imageHow does BiteRite work?-

BiteRite is a perfect solution conceptualized for people who are health conscious and know how to enjoy delicious food. BiteRite meals are screened by a team of nutritionists, endocrinologists and chefs, down to every ingredient, to provide you with a menu that is tasty and healthy. BiteRite is the doctor’s recipe as it is diabetes safe, hypertension safe and obesity safe. BiteRite is supported by NMC, which operates state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in the UAE.

imageWhat are the special offerings of BiteRite?+
imageDo you have any special recommendations for diabetic, hypertensive or high cholesterol patients?+
imageHow is the fruit sugar better than the normal sugar?+
imageAre BiteRite meals Gluten free?+
imageWhen should I eat a Gluten free diet?+
imageHow do you ensure that the calories on the menu are accurate?+
imageWhat kinds of cuisines do you offer in your meal plan?+
imageDo you provide options for the menu in the meal plan?+
imageHow are BiteRite meals different from other healthy meals?+
imageHow are the meals packed?+
imageCan I lose weight by following the BiteRite meal plan?+
imageIs exercise needed while following your program?+
imageAre supplements essential when following the BiteRite meal plan?+
imageCan I eat any other food in addition to the BiteRite meal plan?+
imageIs water an essential part of your regimen?+
imageAfter I lose weight, how can I maintain my weight?+
imageHow do you decide how many calories I must consume?+
imageWhen and how often I would receive my meals?+
imageCan I opt to forgo my meal for a day? If yes, what happens to my meal count?+
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